No more boredom in workout routines

12 simple, but powerful tips to add variety to your fitness routine

Sporting routines are important to stay fit, but sometimes they can become monotonous and lead to a loss of motivation. For this reason, it is beneficial to bring variety into your sports routine. Here, we have compiled a few ways you can make your sports routines more interesting and exciting:

  1. Time of Day: Bring variety to your sports routine by varying the time of day of your training.
  2. Duration of Training: Alternate between long, short, and medium training sessions.
  3. Theme: Don’t always do the same workout; switch up the focus of your training. For instance, if you want to maintain your physical fitness, set different focuses on different days, such as strength training, back exercises, or endurance sports.
  4. Location: Change the location where you train. If you do yoga at home, for example, try it in the living room, then the bedroom, or maybe even the bathroom. If you’re more of a runner, then change your running routes.
  5. Challenges: Incorporate changing challenges into your fitness routine. If you are a runner, a challenge could be to try a new route every day for a week or to run every day at 6:00 AM for a month, regardless of the weather.
  6. Sequence: Change the sequence of your fitness routine to add variety to your training.
  7. Clothing: Your attire is also a factor that can bring some dynamics into your routine. For example, try doing your yoga exercises in comfortable clothes, in underwear, or even naked.
  8. Try Something New: Always incorporate something new into your fitness routine to combat boredom in your workout. This could be a new yoga pose, a new running route, or a new piece of equipment.
  9. Lighting: Change the lighting in the room where you perform your fitness routine. Train sometimes by candlelight, sometimes with cool ambient lighting, or maybe even in the dark. Your creativity has no limits, and the changed atmosphere will also add some variety to the routine.
  10. Intensity: Plan different intensities for your exercises on different days. If you run, change the distance; if you do strength exercises, change the number of repetitions or the duration.
  11. Music: Add variety to your sports programme by listening to different types of music during your workout. How about Vivaldi while lifting weights?
  12. Speed: Try to vary the speed of your exercises. If you extend a single push-up to 30 seconds, you will have a completely new training experience (and see how exhausting it can be).

The parameters mentioned above can help you bring more variety into your sports and combat boredom. This has the advantage of helping you maintain your motivation better and ensuring that you stay fit and don’t lose your drive. Moreover, your brain can store memories of your sports routine because they are different. In the end, you will feel like you have experienced more than if you always follow the same routine.

Try out what works best for you and always be open to your own creative approaches. If you have found more ways to spice up your fitness routine, just send us a short email at We are happy to include your ideas in our articles.

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