Gifts for coffee lovers | Geschenke für Kaffeeliebhaber

30+ gifts for coffee lovers

Looking for a gift for coffee lovers? Then you are in the right place. We have searched for coffee gift ideas and compiled over 30 great options – from classic gifts like coffee chocolate to unique ideas like coffee plant sponsorships. We are confident that you will find something on our list. Enjoy discovering!

  1. With a manual hand coffee grinder, you can always grind coffee fresh. The manufacturer KINGrinder is known for high-quality grinders at a reasonable price-performance ratio. The KINGrinder K6 allows you to adjust different grind sizes, offering maximum flexibility. However, the other grinders from the brand are also great.
  2. Excellent coffee from small production will make any coffee lover’s heart beat faster. The online shop of Small Batch Coffee Roasters from Brighton offers a wide range of wonderful, award-winning coffees.
  3. If you know the recipient drinks a lot of coffee to-go, gift them a coffee voucher. You can buy vouchers at many small coffee shops. At large chains like Starbucks, you can also conveniently order gift vouchers online.
  4. Nothing is more delightful than drinking good coffee from a beautiful mug. Whether large or small, creative or simple, you can find a nice selection of mugs with a personal touch at Etsy.
  5. Espresso fans love the iconic stovetop espresso machines from the brand Bialetti, available in many cool designs from classic to extravagant and reasonably priced. You can find them at the official store or on Amazon.
  6. Using a French Press to brew coffee retains the natural oil, leading to a particularly rich flavor. A French Press makes a great gift for coffee lovers and comes in various sizes and designs, available at IKEA or Amazon.
  7. For filter coffee fans, a beautiful ceramic filter can be a great gift. You can find a good selection on amazon.
  8. James Hoffmann, a champion barista, coffee guru, and YouTuber, has written a great book on how to make perfect coffee at home. You can order the book on amazon
  9. A subscription to a coffee magazine is also a great gift idea. A truly great magazine in English, published four times a year with a coffee sample, is offered by Standart.
  10. A great gift to experience together is a coffee tasting. These are available in various cities: In London fpr example at the London School of Coffee or in New York at the City Boy Roastery.

    Discover the variety of the coffee world at a coffee tasting: The ideal gift for coffee lovers
  11. Vienna is the coffee capital and has numerous great coffee houses, good roasteries, a coffee museum, and a coffee festival in the autumn. A weekend trip to Vienna is therefore a fantastic experience for any coffee fan.
  12. Many cities now offer barista courses. In New York, for example, at Procreate Coffee NYC or Joe Coffee Company, in London at the London School of Coffee. This is an ideal gift for coffee lovers who want to take their coffee skills to the next level.
  13. Nothing is nicer than a coffee latte with perfectly frothed milk. Make it even easier with a professional milk frother. The milk frother stick from Severin is well-reviewed and inexpensive.
  14. If you prefer to give something homemade, bake a delicious coffee cake. You can find a quick and easy recipe at If you want something creamier, this recipe for a coffee cream cake might be more suitable.
  15. If you want to let the recipient choose, give a voucher for an online coffee shop. Roastmarket, for example, offers everything from coffee beans to coffee machines. You can find vouchers here.
  16. Give your gift a personal touch by creating a cool coffee gift basket. You can include anything from coffee chocolate to the best beans in town.
  17. Chocolate and coffee go wonderfully together. The Austrian chocolate manufacturer Zotter has some great varieties like Cognac Coffee, Espresso “Macchiato”, or Coffee Toffee.
  18. So that the recipient never runs out of coffee, you can spoil them with a coffee subscription. Providers like Atlas Coffee Club or The Barn offer such services. You can also subscribe to many coffee varieties on Amazon. Here you’ll find a list of all the varieties available for subscription there.
  19. You can delight the recipient with a coffee sampler set for a small adventure. Suitable sets can be found at Beanbox, CoffeeAM or kaffemik.
  20. If the recipient is a Nespresso lover, you can make them happy with a variety of interesting capsules. For example, Amazon offers a Starbucks sampler set, Original Nespresso sets, or a capsule set from ROSSO CAFFÈ.
  21. A very special gift is sponsoring a coffee plant. This can be done at graycano where you can sponsor trees in Brazil.
  22. Microloans help farmers in the Global South build a better future. At, you can give a gift card for a microloan starting at 25 USD. The recipient can then select a project online, such as one that supports coffee farmers, and grant the microloan. If the project succeeds, the money is returned and can be reused for another microloan, making a significant impact with a small amount.
  23. Coffee has undoubtedly changed the world and history. A wonderful and highly acclaimed book on this topic is “Uncommon Grounds: A Coffee Epic: Spilling Beans on the Coffee Industry” by Mark Pendergrast. Unfortunately, there is no German edition yet.
  24. There are countless ways to prepare coffee. An excellent overview is provided by this coffee poster, which clearly illustrates the composition of 28 coffee types. A great eye-catcher for any home barista kitchen.
  25. A nice gift for coffee lovers is also this cocktail book with 75 exciting recipes that include coffee. It explains how to prepare an Espresso Martini or a Cafe Manhattan, among other things.
  26. A good caffeinated drop is always welcome. At you can find a great recipe to make your own coffee liqueur. Prefer to buy it ready-made? Then you can get the classic one from kamora
  27. With a cool coffee-to-go reusable cup, you can enjoy your favorite coffee on the go. A very nice porcelain example is available here at Villeroy & Boch. The cups from FLSK come in many colors and keep the coffee warm even on cold days. An insulated stainless steel cup with a beautiful texture and custom text is available here.
  28. For fashion-conscious coffee drinkers, Coffee Fashion from Germany offers T-shirts, socks, bags, and much more with various cool coffee designs.
  29. You can take the first step towards your own coffee plantation with a coffee plant. You can occasionally find a plant at hardware stores. Seeds are available at amazon or
  30. Enhancing the milk foam of a coffee with great motifs is an art. With the book Coffee Art, you can learn how to create these creative foam creations.

    In the book “Coffee Art,” you can learn how to create great milk foam artworks
  31. If you don’t want to drink coffee but still don’t want to miss out on the aroma, a coffee-scented candle is a great idea. Beautiful gift examples are available from Feoya or 96North.
  32. Coffee and cosmetics come together at Koffee Beauty. This Canadian company specialises in creating synthetic-free exfoliants from coffee beans.

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