Surviving Long-Haul Flights: 28 Activities to Help You Pass the Time.

Embarking on a long-haul flight can be both exciting and daunting. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, there’s no denying that the countless hours spent in the air can be a real test of patience and endurance. But fear not, fearless traveller! Our comprehensive guide is here to save the day. With a range of engaging, relaxing and productive activities, your journey will be transformed from a tedious slog into an enjoyable and engaging experience. So buckle up and read on as we reveal the secrets to making the most of your time at 35,000 feet.

  1. Read a good book & listen to an audiobook: Choose a page-turner or an inspiring biography to immerse yourself in a literary escape during your flight.
  2. Watch movies or TV shows: Make use of the in-flight entertainment system or download your favorites to a device for a cinematic marathon.
  3. Listen to podcasts: Discover interesting podcasts on various topics and learn something new while you travel.
  4. Play offline games: Download engaging offline games for your device to keep your brain entertained during the flight.
  5. Meditate: Use meditation apps or calming music to practice mindfulness and keep stress at bay.
  6. Catch up on sleep: Bring a travel pillow and eye mask to make the most of your downtime in the air.
  7. Write a journal: Document your thoughts and experiences, or simply jot down creative ideas that come to mind.
  8. Learn a language: Use language apps or audiobooks to learn essential phrases for your destination.
  9. Work on a puzzle: Keep your mind sharp with crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or other brain teasers.
  10. Sketch or doodle: Bring a sketchbook and unleash your inner artist with some drawing or doodling.
  11. Listen to music: Create playlists for different moods or explore new genres to help the time fly by.
  12. Plan your itinerary: Use the flight time to research and organize your upcoming travel adventures.
  13. Knit or crochet: Work on a small knitting or crocheting project to pass the time and create a memorable souvenir.
  14. Practice deep breathing: Enhance your relaxation and wellbeing with deep breathing exercises.
  15. Make new friends: Strike up a conversation with a fellow traveler and share travel stories or tips.
  16. Organize your photos: Use this time to sort and edit your digital photo collection.
  17. Read a travel guide: Familiarize yourself with the history, culture, and must-see spots of your destination.
  18. Try coloring: Bring an adult coloring book and colored pencils to unwind with a calming activity.
  19. Stretch or do seated exercises: Keep your body limber with simple in-flight stretches and exercises.
  20. Do a digital detox: Use this opportunity to unplug and enjoy some screen-free time.
  21. Practice gratitude: Write a list of things you’re grateful for to foster a positive mindset.
  22. Reflect on your experiences: Use this time to consider the highlights and lessons learned from your travels so far.
  23. Brainstorm creative projects: Use the uninterrupted time to brainstorm ideas for writing, art, or other creative pursuits.
  24. Write a short story or poem: Channel your creativity and emotions into crafting a written work inspired by your travels.
  25. Time-blocking your flight: Break your flight into manageable time blocks and assign activities to each block to maintain variety and structure during the journey.
  26. Classic travel games: Bring a deck of cards, magnetic board games, or travel-sized versions of your favorite games to enjoy solo or with a fellow traveler.
  27. Window seat photography challenge: Take creative photos of the view from your window seat, capturing unique landscapes, cloud formations, or city skylines.
  28. Flight observation challenge: Set a goal to observe and record specific details about your flight, such as the number of passengers going to the lavatory, the number of times a crew member passes your seat, etc.

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