Planet-Positive Gifts: 30+ Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

In a world that’s increasingly aware of its carbon footprint, the choices we make matter-especially when it comes to gift giving. But going green doesn’t mean compromising on quality, originality, or even budget. Whether you’re looking for something unique for that special someone or just want to make your own lifestyle a little greener, our curated list has you covered. Dive into these hand-picked eco-friendly gift ideas that not only reflect sustainability, but also ensure that going green won’t break the bank.

  1. Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bars: These 100% organic bars double as soap and conditioner, infused with natural plant-based essential oils. Packaged in eco-friendly, zero-waste, biodegradable materials, they’re a gift both to your loved ones and the planet. | Order at amazon
  2. Organic Oyster Mushroom Kit by Nublume: Harvest gourmet mushrooms in 10 days. An eco-friendly delight, this kit promotes sustainable home-growing, making it a perfect eco-friendly gift for gardeners, vegans, and food lovers. | Order at amazon
  3. Bamboo Toothbrushes: Made with medium/soft coal bristles and a wooden handle, these BPA-free brushes are the epitome of eco-friendliness. Vegan and sustainably grown, they come in recycled, biodegradable packaging. A little green gift idea for everyday use for those committed to a sustainable lifestyle. | Order at amazon
  4. Reusable Steel Straws: Ditch the disposable straws for these reusable metal alternatives. These great steel straws come in a variety of cool colors with a handy pouch and cleaning brush. The perfect green gift for people who like fancy drinks or the next cocktail party you are invited to. | Order at amazon
  5. Cookbook – The Vegan 8: Each recipe, made with 8 ingredients or less, invites you on a delightful culinary journey. Brandi Doming’s blend of simplicity and flavor has won praise from food lovers everywhere. Whether the recipient is a seasoned chef or just starting out, this book promises a world of vegan wonders. A green gift that masterfully blends taste, eco-consciousness, and chic elegance. | Order at amazon
  6. Eco-Friendly Toys from Playroom Avenue: If you are looking for a great sustainable toy gift that will make any child happy, then Playroom Avenue is the place to go. This US-based online store offers a wide variety of eco-friendly, durable toys made from ethically sourced materials. |
  7. Natural sustainable kitchen sponge: Give the essence of sustainable living with this eco-friendly kitchen essential. Made from sustainably sourced coconut fiber and wood pulp, this sponge doesn’t just clean – it nurtures and is biodegradable. Zero waste packaging included. A thoughtful green gift for eco-warriors and homemakers alike. | Order at amazon
  8. Solar Candle Lights: These romantic LED lights that can be recharged with sunlight are a great green gift for people who love to spend time outdoors and love it cozy. Order on amazon
  9. Soda Stream: Let the gift recipient benefit twice with Soda Stream. Eliminate the hassle of carrying water from the store and significantly reduce plastic waste and transportation costs. An environmentally conscious gift choice for hydration. Order on or amazon
  10. Fancy Drinking bottle: If the recipient is not into sparkling beverages. Then a really cool fancy reusable water bottle like the ones from flsk makes a great green gift. Order on
  11. Reusable shopping bags: Cool reusable grocery bags make a great green gift and help reduce plastic waste from disposable shopping bags. You can find some cool ones on Amazon.
  12. Train Tickets: Treat someone to a scenic train journey. Relax, savor breathtaking landscapes, and relish quality time together. Add a touch of mystery by keeping the destination a secret—a green gift of adventure and connection.

    A scenic train ride is a great green gift for travel lovers.
    A scenic train ride is a great green gift for travel lovers.
  13. Hot Water Bottle: Warm hearts and toes this cold season with a cozy hot water bottle. An eco-conscious choice, it encourages energy conservation by allowing you to turn the thermostat down a notch. Add a personal touch with a stylish cover-a cozy, green gesture. Find a great selection on amazon.
  14. Reusable coffee mug: Elevate a daily brew with a stylish, sustainable twist. This cup isn’t just about holding beverages – it’s a statement against single-use plastics. Perfect for the coffee aficionado or eco-conscious commuter, this eco-friendly gift blends practicality with earth-loving passion. Choose a design that resonates to make it personal. Check out a wide range on amazon
  15. Book: “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” by Bill Gates: Gift this enlightening read by Bill Gates to someone passionate about our planet. Offering a decade’s insight into climate change, it presents tangible solutions and a roadmap to net-zero emissions. A must-read for those keen on making impactful changes. Perfect for the eco-conscious thinkers in your life. Order on amazon
  16. Book: “The Zero-Waste Chef” by Anne-Marie Bonneau: For the eco-conscious cook in your circle, this guide is a game-changer. Anne-Marie Bonneau, renowned as the @ZeroWasteChef, shares practical tips for a sustainable kitchen. It’s not just about recipes—it’s a lifestyle change. From rejuvenating leftovers to DIY dairy, the book champions waste reduction and delicious, planet-friendly meals. An inspirational green gift for those looking to make impactful, daily choices. | Order at amazon
  17. Kiva Gift Card for Eco-Friendly Loans: Empower someone to make a global impact with a Kiva Gift Card. This gift card allows the recipient to make an eco-friendly loan to sustainable projects in developing regions. An ideal gift for the socially conscious person in your life, it allows them to help the environment while promoting development. A truly green gift with global reach. Also great as a last-minute gift. Order on
  18. Eco friendly pens | For the writer in your life, consider gifting these sustainable kraft paper biros from Agile Home and Garden. With recyclable materials, stainless steel ink cores, and eco-friendly packaging, they’re a thoughtful choice for anyone keen on reducing their environmental footprint. An ideal addition to an eco-friendly workspace or study. Order at amazon
  19. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads: For the eco-conscious beauty enthusiast in your life, reusable makeup remover pads are a must-have. Not only do they effectively cleanse the skin, but they also eliminate the need for disposable wipes, making beauty routines more sustainable. A thoughtful gift for those who want to minimize their environmental footprint while maintaining their glow.| Order at amazon
  20. Book: The Little Green Book of the Home: Gift the blueprint for a greener home with this enlightening read. Ideal for anyone looking to make sustainable shifts in their household, this book provides invaluable tips from utilities management to eco-friendly decorating. A perfect guide for those eager to integrate an eco lifestyle from room to room. Great for new homeowners or anyone committed to eco-conscious living. | Order at amazon
  21. Book: 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste : Seeking a practical path to a waste-free life? This guide by Kathryn Kellogg is perfect for those aiming to minimize their ecological impact. Dive into actionable steps from rejecting single-use plastics to DIY eco-friendly recipes. Ideal for someone yearning for tangible ways to make eco-friendly shifts. As Kellogg puts it, it’s all about “making better choices.” | Order at amazon
  22. Insect Hotel: Looking for a unique gift that champions biodiversity? An insect hotel is a thoughtful choice! Perfect for garden enthusiasts or eco-warriors, this gift not only provides a refuge for beneficial insects but also serves as a natural pest control solution. Encourage your loved ones to embrace nature’s smaller wonders and boost garden health organically. A sustainable win for both the recipient and our buzzing little friends! | Find one on amazon
  23. Knitting Kit: Encourage a friend’s crafty side with a knitting kit! Ideal for beginners and experienced knitters alike, it promotes sustainable fashion and hours of mindful relaxation. Plus, there’s nothing quite like wearing or giving something you’ve made yourself. Perfect for those who want to embrace slow fashion, reduce consumption, or simply immerse themselves in a therapeutic hobby. A tactile and sustainable way to create and appreciate! | Order at amazon
  24. Invitation to a Vegan Restaurant: Introduce a loved one to the joys of plant-based cuisine with an invitation to a vegan restaurant. It’s not just about food, but a sustainable dining experience that treads lightly on our planet. A perfect treat for the eco-conscious foodie in your life, or someone ready to explore new culinary horizons. A delightful and green gift that satiates both the palate and the soul.

    An invitation to a vegan restaurant or a vegan cookbook make wonderful green gifts.
    An invitation to a vegan restaurant or a vegan cookbook make wonderful green gifts.
  25. Weekend Trip to an Eco-Friendly Hotel: Give someone a rejuvenating weekend getaway at an eco-friendly hotel. Nestled in nature, these sustainable retreats prioritize green practices to ensure their stay is kind to the planet. Perfect for the eco-conscious traveler or anyone in need of a serene break, this thoughtful gift promises relaxation with a minimal carbon footprint. A memorable way to show you care about them and the planet.
  26. Eco-Friendly Condoms by Lovability: For the eco-conscious and sex-positive individual, consider Lovability’s sustainable condoms. Housed in a sleek, reusable tin, they champion both environmental responsibility and body safety. A modern, green gift that celebrates intimate well-being. Perfect for those merging eco-awareness with a proactive approach to sexual health. |
  27. Second-Hand Shop Voucher: Give the gift of conscious shopping with a gift certificate to a local thrift store. It’s perfect for the eco-chic friend who loves finding unique treasures while supporting sustainability. A thoughtful way to encourage eco-friendly consumer choices and celebrate the beauty of beloved items. Ideal for fashionistas with an eco-twist.
  28. Zero-Waste Travel Washing Kit: For the eco-conscious traveler in your life, gift them this travel-friendly washing kit. Packed with natural spa essentials, it ensures a sustainable self-care routine on-the-go. Contains mini shampoo, conditioner, soap bars, and more, all in a reusable aluminium tin. A perfect way for your loved one to pamper themselves while caring for the planet! Order on etsy
  29. Eco-Friendly Grooming Gift Set: Upgrade your shaving routine with this sustainable set. It boasts a zinc alloy safety razor, nourishing red clay soap, and more, all packed in a compostable Naturebox®. Ideal for both men and women, it offers a smooth, waste-free shave. A stylish and earth-friendly gift choice! | Order on etsy
  30. Bee Wax Candle: Light up someone’s day with this eco-friendly, naturally scented beeswax candle. Perfect for setting a calming ambiance, it purifies the air and burns cleaner than traditional candles. A sweet, sustainable gift for any occasion! | Find a great selection on etsy
  31. Sustainable Beauty Box: Transition to eco-friendly body care with this kit. Includes reusable cotton pads, biodegradable bamboo swabs, toothbrushes, and more, all in a wooden organizer. Perfect for eco-conscious travelers and a thoughtful gift for the planet-friendly individual. | Order at amazon
  32. Zero-Waste Baby Shower Set: A delightful collection for the eco-conscious new parent! Includes a handcrafted wooden rattle, a cute teething toy, soft muslin blankets, and a soft wooden brush. Plus a cute coaster to welcome the new arrival. All beautifully packaged with a matching ribbon. Perfect for a lasting welcome to a new life! | Order on etsy
  33. Eco-Friendly Gifts from Oak & Willow: This small company from Canada offers a wide range of cool eco-friendly products in their online store. From green cleaning and self-care products to beautiful bundles that make a perfect gift.

As our world becomes more attuned to the pressing need for sustainability, the gifts we choose to give take on greater significance. With each thoughtful, eco-friendly selection, we not only honor our loved ones, but also our planet. These carefully curated gifts embody the essence of green living – they are not only eco-conscious, but also tasteful, impactful and affordable. So as you embark on your next gift-giving journey, remember: choosing green is a gesture of love, both for the individual and for the world we all share. Let’s make every choice count, and let’s make it green.

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