14 ways to meet new people and make new friends

Have you moved to a new city, your circle of friends has shrunk, or you just want to meet new people? The following ideas will help you get in touch with new people and maybe even form great new friendships.

  1. Take a course or workshop learn something new and make contact with new people at the same time.
  2. Find casual Meetups in your area that match your interests and attend a meeting. https://www.meetup.com
  3. Volunteer and meet new people in the process.
  4. Join a club in your area that suits your interests
  5. Combine personal and professional and attend networking events to meet people who are pursuing a similar professional path as you.
  6. Sign up for fitness classes at a gym, do something for your physical well-being and get in touch with new people at the same time.
  7. If you work from home, then Co-Working Spaces are a great opportunity to have more people around you and make new contacts.
  8. If you love languages and want to improve your skills, find a partner for a language tandem, where you teach each other your native language.
  9. For travel fans, group trips are a great opportunity to meet new people and spend a great time and make friendships with them.
  10. If you are an animal lover, then consider getting a dog and thus come into contact with other dog owners while walking the dog or at the dog school.
  11. On Facebook, Reddit and other social networks on the Internet, there are often groups where you can meet new people. Join a few groups and see if you can make new contacts.
  12. If you enjoy hiking, then join a guided hike or sign up for a hiking vacation
  13. Another way to meet new people if you are athletic are IML marches. These multi-day hikes are organized around the globe and are known for bringing people together. http://www.imlwalking.org/
  14. Spend less time on screens and do more in the real world, increasing the chance that you will meet new people and be able to make friendships.

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