37 summer challenges to enjoy and make the most of the season

When summer arrives, it’s time to embrace the warmth, sunshine and endless possibilities the season brings. From exploring new trails and diving into refreshing waters to growing plants and trying out new recipes, there are countless ways to make the most of these sun-soaked months. Get ready for a series of exciting challenges that will not only help you stay active and healthy, but also allow you to savour the beauty, flavours and exhilaration that summer has to offer. Let these 37 inspiring challenges be your inspiration for a summer to remember.

  1. Trailblazing Adventures: Explore a new hiking trail every week to experience the beauty of nature in the summertime. At outdooractive.com you can find cool hikes in your area or quickly plan your own route.
  2. Dive In and Cool Off: Take a dip in a different body of water each week, whether it’s a lake, river, or ocean, to beat the summer heat.
  3. Green Scene: Grow a new plant species every week to add some life and color to your summer surroundings.
  4. Aqua Athlete: Try a new water activity every week, such as paddleboarding or kayaking, to stay active and have fun in the sun.
  5. Sizzle and Grill: Cook up a new recipe on the barbecue every week to savor some scrumptious summer dishes.
  6. Summer Reading Challenge: Read a new book every week, ideally outside, to discover new worlds while soaking up the warm weather.
  7. Shutterbug Snapshot: Capture a new summer memory every day, such as a beautiful sunset or a fun day at the beach, to immortalize your experiences.
  8. Wandering Explorer: Visit a new destination each week, whether it’s a nearby town or a national park, to explore and adventure during the summer months.
  9. Fit and Fun: Commit to a different workout every day, such as yoga or hiking, to stay active and healthy in the summer.
  10. Culinary Creations: Invent a new summer-themed dish every week, such as a fresh salad or a fruity smoothie, to indulge in the season’s harvest.
  11. Summer Vegetable Grilling Challenge: Grill a different seasonal vegetable every week, whether it’s zucchini or corn, to discover new and delicious ways to prepare summer produce.
  12. Journaling Journey: Write down your summer adventures every day to reflect on and preserve the memories you make.
  13. Pedal Power: Cycle through a new route every week, whether it’s on a scenic trail or through the city, to enjoy the summer weather and stay active.
  14. Artistic Adventure: Create a new summer-themed piece every week, whether it’s a painting or a sculpture, to express your creativity and enjoy the season’s beauty.
  15. H2O Hero: Drink a certain amount of water every day, to stay hydrated and healthy during the summer months.
  16. Sunrise and Sunset Adventure: Watch the sunrise and sunset at a different location every week to appreciate the summer skies.
  17. Fruit Picking Challenge: Go fruit picking every week and try a new fruit each time to savor the season’s sweetness.
  18. Retro Summer Fun: Try a different retro activity every week, such as rollerblading or playing arcade games, to relive the summer of the past.
  19. Summer Concert Series: Attend a different outdoor concert every week, whether it’s a local band or a big-name artist, to enjoy live music in the summer air
  20. Ice Cream Tour: Try a new ice cream shop every week to indulge in the season’s sweet treats.
  21. Picnic in the Park: Have a picnic in a different park every week, whether it’s a small neighborhood park or a large national park, to enjoy the summer scenery.
  22. Outdoor Yoga: Practice yoga in a different outdoor location every week, whether it’s a park or a beach, to connect with nature and stay healthy during the summer.
  23. Summer Mixtape Challenge: Create a new summer-themed playlist every week, featuring your favorite songs or new discoveries, to set the soundtrack for your summer.
  24. Outdoor Adventure Games: Play a different outdoor game every week, such as capture the flag or ultimate frisbee, to have fun and stay active.
  25. Smoothie of the Week Challenge: Create a new smoothie recipe every week, featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables, to indulge in a healthy and refreshing summer drink.
  26. Summer Photography Expedition: Explore a new photography location every week, whether it’s a city or a natural landscape, to capture the beauty and diversity of summer.
  27. Summer Cocktail Mixology: Create a new summer cocktail every week, whether it’s a classic margarita or a unique creation, to indulge in refreshing and flavorful drinks.
  28. Summer Recipe Challenge: Cook a new summer recipe every week, whether it’s a light and healthy salad or a decadent dessert, to savor the season’s fresh produce and flavors.
  29. Peak Climbing Challenge: Summit a different mountain peak every week, whether it’s a local peak or a national park, to challenge yourself and enjoy the stunning summer views.
  30. Nudist Beach Challenge: Visit a different nudist beach every week, whether it’s a secluded cove or a popular destination, to embrace your body and the freedom of summer.
  31. Summer Beer Tasting: Try a new summer beer every week, whether it’s a light lager or a fruity ale, to discover the diverse and flavorful world of summer brews.
  32. Barbecue Master Challenge: Grill a different barbecue dish every week, whether it’s a juicy steak or a veggie skewer, to impress your friends and family with your culinary skills.
  33. Summer Bravery Challenge: Try a new adventurous activity every week, whether it’s bungee jumping or rock climbing, to challenge your fears and push your limits.
  34. Outdoor Sex Adventure: Have sex in a different outdoor location every week, whether it’s a secluded beach or a forest clearing, to enjoy the thrill and excitement of outdoor intimacy.
  35. Visit a Terrace Restaurant: Dine at a different terrace restaurant every week, whether it’s a rooftop or a garden terrace, to enjoy the beautiful summer views and delicious cuisine.
  36. Rooftop Bar Crawl: Visit a different rooftop bar every week, whether it’s a swanky rooftop lounge or a casual rooftop bar, to enjoy the summer night scene and try new cocktails.
  37. Summer Fruit Salad Challenge: Create a new fruit salad every week, using different seasonal fruits, to enjoy the fresh and delicious flavors of summer.

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