30+ great things to do in Brno (including many insider tips)

Brünn (Brno) is the second-largest city in the Czech Republic and one of the most captivating cities in the country. Unlike Prague, Brünn is much less touristy, yet it offers a wealth of great attractions, cool activities, and a vibrant restaurant and bar scene.

As avid fans of Brünn, we’ve compiled our best tips here to help you have a great time in the city. Our list also includes some insider tips that you probably won’t find in any (yet) travel guide.

  1. If you’re in the Czech Republic, don’t miss out on the excellent local cuisine. You can dine superbly at places like Charlies (charliessquare.cz), U Tomana (utomana.cz), or Pegas (hotelpegas.com).
  2. Not far from the center, you can visit underground historical water reservoirs from the 19th and 20th centuries. Each of the 4 reservoirs has its own spectacular atmosphere. vodojemybrno.cz

    The historical water reservoirs of Brünn
  3. From the city center, a tram ride of about half an hour takes you to the reservoir. The recreation area around the reservoir is ideal for relaxation and hiking. If you wish, you can also take a boat trip on the reservoir (10km route), visit Veveří Castle, and dine well nearby at Stará prádelna (Insider tip: Definitely try the “Stern” beer on tap).
  4. Get moving and make the climb up to Spielberg Fortress, which watches over Brünn. A visit to the historic prison beneath the castle, which gained fame as the toughest dungeon in Europe, is highly recommended (spilberk.cz)

    Historic prison beneath the castle
  5. If you like electronic music, then you should check out the rave next to St. Thomas Church on Friday evenings. DJs regularly perform here, making the crowd dance. (free)
  6. In the Technical Museum of Brünn, you can admire technical treasures from Eastern Europe, from historic racing cars that raced on Brünn’s legendary track to old communication technology used for spying during the Cold War. tmbrno.cz
  7. Discover a beer tour. The Czech Republic has a vibrant beer culture and many small (and especially good) breweries. In the bars and breweries of Brünn, you’ll find something to suit your taste, whether you prefer craft beer or traditional beer styles. Here you’ll find our craft beer guide for Brünn.

    Lucky Bastard – One of the best local breweries in Brno
  8. Do you like legends? Then you absolutely must see the Dragon of Brünn, which is hung under the city tower. And to avoid endangering world peace, please don’t tell the people of Brünn that it might actually be an alligator. You can read more about it on Atlas Obscura. (free)
  9. Climb the historic city tower in the old town hall and view Brünn from above. The view is particularly impressive in the evening when Brünn is bathed in warm light.

    View from Brünn city tower in the evening
  10. Enjoy imperial luxury at the Grand Hotel Brno, where the Austrian emperor once stayed, or linger in the elegant atmosphere of the Hotel Grandezza with probably the best view of Brünn’s Cabbage Market. Both luxury hotels are very affordable by European standards. grandezzahotel.com | grandhotelbrno.cz
  11. In the heart of Brünn, there is a cold war bunker that you can visit and even stay overnight. 10-z.cz
  12. Visit a local supermarket in Brünn like Albert and try the great salty and sweet snacks that the Czech Republic has to offer. tasteofprague.com has here a good guide to the Czech snack landscape
  13. With the Villa Tugendhat, Brünn has the most important modernist building to offer. Built in 1929/1930 according to the plans of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, this building laid the foundation for modern architecture. You can visit the garden of Villa Tugendhat for free, but you need to book a tour months in advance to get inside. Wiki article on Villa Tugendhat | Official site
  14. If you like cats, then you shouldn’t miss the cat cafés in Brünn. We especially recommend Café Pelíšek and Tři Kočketýři
  15. Half an hour by tram from the center, there is the Brünn Zoo. The zoo is located on a hill on the green outskirts of the city, not far from the reservoir. The extensive grounds offer a wide range of animals, from polar bears and lemurs to tigers and giraffes. (zoobrno.cz)
  16. If you enjoy hiking, you should participate in the annual IML March in Brünn in September. Over two consecutive days, you can choose to walk 20, 30, or 42 km, explore the beautiful surroundings of Brno, and earn a medal. You’ll have the opportunity to meet people from various nations. Event website | IML website
  17. Brünn is home to a famous racetrack, particularly known for its legendary motorcycle races. Various events take place here throughout the year, from Classic Races to a 9-hour race. If you have enough courage and horsepower, you can even drive your car on the track on selected days. (automotodrombrno.cz)
  18. For great dining in Brno, visit one of the many restaurants offering international cuisine. Excellent Vietnamese food can be found at Cà Phê Cổ, fantastic Thai food at Singha, and Mexican cuisine enthusiasts will enjoy Hermanos.
  19. At the Museum of Applied Arts, design enthusiasts will be thrilled. The diverse collection showcases the great design achievements of Czechia. (moravska-galerie.cz)
  20. The cityscape of Brno is dominated by several great churches that you should definitely visit – even if you’re not religious. At St. James Church, you’ll find a church within the church. St. Peter and Paul Cathedral overlooks the city and looks spectacular from the outside at night. St. Jacob’s Church impresses with its epic column and ceiling construction.
  21. Descend into the Capuchin Crypt and explore the historical graves & mummies. (kapucini.cz)
  22. Under St. James Church, the Ossuary houses the bones of thousands and creates an impressive mystical atmosphere. It is the second largest ossuary in Europe. (podzemibrno.cz)
  23. In the middle of Freedom Square in Brno, you can admire the astronomical clock, whose shape resembles a cartridge or a dildo. Daily at 11 o’clock, the clock ejects a small glass ball from one of its four openings, which you can snag as a souvenir.
  24. Brnooffers some great events throughout the year that you shouldn’t miss. These include the famous Christmas market, the beer festival, or the Open House. For information on current events, visit gotobrno.cz.
  25. A bit outside the city center is the beautiful and idyllic Brno Central Cemetery. Here you can visit the grave of the father of genetics, Gregor Mendel, learn about Czech burial culture, and also see the mighty Soviet war graves.
  26. At the Winning Group Arena, you can experience the home games of the hockey club “Kometa”, which last won the Czech championship in 2018. The arena also regularly hosts concerts and other large events.
  27. If you want a really good breakfast in Brno, you should definitely start your day at Café Placzek or Bavard Cafe.
  28. Beer is an important part of Czech culture. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss a brewery tour when visiting Brno. The most famous brewery in the city is Starobrno, and you can book a tour here.
  29. Botany enthusiasts should not miss the botanical gardens of the university. These are close to the center and can be visited for free. More information can be found here.
  30. For all runners, Brno hosts running events every spring and fall. From 10km races to marathons, there’s something for every running enthusiast. You can check out the current events at worldsmarathons.
  31. Under Brno’s Cabbage Market, you can explore an extensive cellar labyrinth, where food, wine & beer were stored in the past. It extends over a length of more than 1km. gotobrno.cz

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