Craftbeer Guide Brno

The ultimate craft beer guide for Brno, Czech Republic

Dive into the vibrant craft beer scene of Brno, the second-largest city in the Czech Republic, which attracts with its lively atmosphere and an excellent selection of craft beer. Our curated list will guide you to the best craft beer destinations in the city, where traditional brewing art meets modern innovation.

Craft Beer Venues in Brno with Their Own Brewery

  • AXIOM Pub – The Craft Beer Heaven in Brno: AXIOM is not just a pub, but an institution for craft beer lovers. With 23 different, home-brewed beers on tap, AXIOM offers unparalleled variety. The experts behind the bar are happy to advise you while you enjoy your beer in an atmosphere brimming with good music and a cool vibe.
    Address: Poštovská 68/3, Website:
  • Pivnice Pegas Jakubská – Traditional Brewing Art Meets Culinary Delight: Pegas not only impresses with its home-brewed beer but also with a kitchen that is second to none. The goulash here is legendary and perfect to prepare yourself for an extensive beer tasting.
    Address: Jakubská 4, Website:
  • U Tomana – Urban Flair with Brewery Character: In the vibrant center of Brno, U Tomana offers a perfect combination of home-brewed beer and warm hospitality. The spacious venue is ideal for large groups, and the beer garden is located directly on Brno’s main square. With a selection of traditional and seasonal beers, U Tomana is a must-visit for every beer lover.
    Address: nám. Svobody 22, Website:
  • Pivovar HARRY – Hearty Food & Good Beer: At the HARRY brewery, you can enjoy excellent home-brewed craft beer between the large brewing kettles. There are around half a dozen beers on tap to choose from, including seasonally changing beer varieties. There is also a selection of hearty dishes to keep you going through a long beer evening. As the pub is very large, it is also ideal for larger groups.
    Address: Poštovská 68/3, Website:

    Craftbeer Brno - Pivovar HARRY
    Craftbeer Brno – Pivovar HARRY
  • Líp jak na světě – Craft Beer Oasis Just Outside the Center: This craft beer bar is home to the local breweries JBM BrewLab, AnOtter One, and Unwanted Heroes. Here, you’ll find an impressive selection of over 70 beers, including gluten-free options.
    Address: Grohova 113/17, Website:
  • Lucky Bastard Beerhouse – The Local Hero: Lucky Bastard is probably the best-known craft beer brewery in Brno. Not far from the city centre and the legendary Spielberg Castle, Lucky Bastard has a Beerhouse including a casual Jugogril. Here you can sample the brewery’s brilliant beers while savouring delicious Czech and Yugoslavian food. A tip: you simply have to try the spare ribs – absolutely amazing!
    Address: Bří Čapků 95, 602 00 Brno-střed, Czech Republic, Website:

Craft Beer Venues in Brno with a Good Selection

  • CRAFTBEER Bar & Bottle Shop Solniční – The Beer Paradise: Here you’ll find 13 draft beers and an excellent selection of bottled and canned beers in an environment that prioritizes both consultation and enjoyment.
    Address: Solniční 3a, Website:
  • Malzworm – The Treasure Chest for Beer Lovers: With 17 rotating draft beers and a picturesque summer garden, Malzworm offers an unparalleled beer experience.
    Address: Starobrněnská 339/12, Website:
  • Beer Exchange 2.0 – The Beer Stock Exchange: A unique concept where beer prices vary according to supply and demand. A must-visit for explorers and adventurers.
    Address: Jánská 16, Website:
  • CRAFTBEER Bottle Shop & Bar Zelňák – Craft Beer with a View: Enjoy a diverse selection of beers overlooking the picturesque market square of Brno.
    Address: Zelný trh 250/14
  • Pivárium – Living Beer Culture: For many years, a staple in Brno, known for its rotating beer selection and focus on traditional Czech beer styles.
    Address: Dvořákova 3, Website:

Other Craft Beer Highlights in Brno

  • – pivotéka Brno: A vast assortment of craft beers from around the world awaits you in this well-stocked store just outside the center.
    Address: Minská 341/48, Website:
  • Pivní festival Brno: Every summer, the city center transforms into a mecca for beer lovers for a weekend, inviting Czech breweries for tastings.

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