20+ Unusual things to do in Florence, Italy

Florence is one of Italy’s tourist hotspots, renowned for its rich history, art, and culture. However, for those looking to explore beyond the traditional tourist attractions, there are many unusual things to do in Florence that offer a unique glimpse into the city’s hidden gems. Our tips range from the unusual to the quirky to the typically Italian. Have fun discovering. If you’ve experienced something exciting on your trip to Florence that we haven’t yet included in our list, let us know. We look forward to your Florence insider tips!

  1. In the Museo Galileo, you can admire historical scientific instruments, including Galileo’s middle finger preserved in a glass. museogalileo.it
  2. On the exterior wall of Palazzo Vecchio, Michelangelo created a graffiti. You can read more about it on Atlas Obscura.
  3. The Mercato Centrale Firenze is a large market hall where you can stroll through the market stalls during the week. Among the market stalls, you’ll find a small cafĂ© where you can enjoy some really good and affordable espresso.
  4. On the upper floor of Mercato Centrale, you’ll also find a food hall. Here, you can sample various Italian specialties at different stands and try Italian wine and beer.
  5. If you’re in the mood for something other than Italian, visit 1950 American Diner in Florence. It’s a genuine hidden gem in Florence where you can enjoy milkshakes, burgers, and admire the roller-skating skills of the waitstaff in an American 60s atmosphere.
  6. Piazzale Michelangelo is the most popular viewpoint in Florence. A Florence insider tip in this regard is the square in front of the church of San Miniato al Monte. It’s slightly higher in elevation, offers better views, and allows you to see the beautiful city walls that surround Florence.
  7. At Cimitero delle Porte Sante, you can find impressive tombs. This cemetery also houses the grave of Pinocchio’s creator, Carlo Collodi.
  8. Caroline Bonaparte’s Secret Tomb: Visit the hidden tomb of Napoleon’s youngest sister in Ognissanti church, an intriguing addition to any list of unusual things to do in Florence.
  9. If you’re not interested in overpriced tourist souvenirs, why not visit an Italian supermarket and stock up on authentic Italian specialties at reasonable prices.
  10. Early morning stroll: In the early morning, Florence is not yet crowded with tourists. Take advantage of the time when others are still having breakfast or sleeping to wander through the city center and enjoy the grand architecture of Florence in peace. At this time, the city has a special atmosphere that you shouldn’t miss.
  11. If you like beer, consider visiting the Craftbeer-Bar Alibi Craft. This is a Florence insider tip if you’re interested in tasting great Italian craft beer in the evening. The address is Via Faenza, 21/R, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy.
  12. The “Cimitero degli Inglesi” in Florence is a hidden gem amid the boulevard street and a true Florence insider tip. This historic cemetery, known as the English Cemetery, is a fascinating place that houses the graves of significant British and American personalities from the 19th century.
  13. Florence is also home to one of the most beautiful Jewish houses of worship in Europe, which you can visit. This magnificent structure impresses with its stunning facade and richly decorated interior. firenzebraica.it
  14. Another unusual thing to do in Florence is to visit the world’s oldest continuously operating pharmacy at Via della Scala 16, which opened in 1221.
  15. Beyond the tourist-crowded Ponte Vecchio, an inconspicuous stone staircase leads to the oldest European science museum and the first public Wunderkammer of the 18th century, La Specola, a hidden gem famous for its anatomical wax collection and impressive animal preparations with over 3 million specimens. unifi.it
  16. You can enjoy Italian wine and aperitivo at the authentic Winebar nab. nabfirenze.com
  17. La Menagere is a unique conceptual restaurant in Florence that combines a restaurant, flower shop, and design store. Here, you can savor delicious dishes in a great atmosphere. lamenagere.it
  18. Florence also offers a magnificent historical theater, Teatro della Pergola, where you can experience Italian theatrical art. teatrodellatoscana.it
  19. Manifattura Tabacchi: This former industrial site, once a tobacco factory, is now a vibrant center for contemporary art and culture in Florence. With its mix of creative workshops, exhibitions, and gastronomic offerings, it provides a unique glimpse into the city’s modern creative scene.
  20. Giardino Bardini: A hidden gem in Florence, this less-visited garden offers spectacular views of the city and a tranquil, blooming oasis. Giardino Bardini is renowned for its terraced gardens, historic statues, and the magnificent Wisteria pergola, which provides a breathtaking display of colors, especially in spring.
  21. Florence is not only known for its Renaissance art but also has a lot to offer in terms of street art. A guided street art tour will take you to hidden graffiti and modern artworks on the city’s streets.
  22. In a hidden palace, one of the unusual things to do in Florence is to explore the Perfume Museum dedicated to the art of perfume-making. Here, you can immerse yourself in a sensory journey, sampling more than 1,000 different fragrances. museovilloresi.it

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