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30+ Simple everyday pleasures that can brighten up your day

There are jewels hidden in the folds of everyday life – the first scent of coffee of the day, the dance of the rain against the glass. It is these precious seconds that transform our routine into poetry when we surrender to them. Here are some of these magical moments.

  1. Savouring the aroma of a freshly opened packet of coffee.
  2. Standing by the window with a hot cup of tea and watching the rain
  3. Enjoying a few pages of a good book word for word
  4. Listening to your favourite music in a darkened room and immersing yourself in it
  5. Taking a walk in nature and being aware of all the smells and sounds.
  6. Enjoying the passing landscape on a train or bus journey
  7. Enjoy the soothing warmth and relaxation of the body after a sporting activity
  8. A long hot shower that relaxes the body
  9. Spread soft butter on home-baked bread and savour every bite
  10. Learn something new and interesting
  11. Curling up in bed with a hot water bottle on a cold day
  12. The first bite into the sweet flesh of a perfectly ripe fruit
  13. Letting a film take you to another world for a few hours
  14. Cleaning the windows after many months and enjoying the view through the clear glass
  15. Getting out of the car after a long journey and stretching your feet
  16. Escape to an oasis of calm with earplugs
  17. Tick off the last item on a to-do list
  18. Consciously perceive the ground with your feet during a walk
  19. The happiness of having accomplished something difficult
  20. Hearing a beautiful song again that you had forgotten for a long time
  21. The scent of fresh herbs that you rub between your fingers
  22. Feeling the warmth of another person
  23. Drinking a warm drink from a thermos flask on a cold winter walk
  24. Immersing yourself in an activity for hours and forgetting the world around you
  25. Slipping into fresh clothes
  26. Sink into bed exhausted after a long day with a heavy body
  27. Writing or drawing with a freshly sharpened pencil.
  28. Remembering a beautiful moment in the past
  29. Opening your eyes after a meditation and feeling the inner peace
  30. Entering an air-conditioned room on a sultry summer’s day
  31. Taking your first refreshing dip in the swimming pool
  32. Being aware of the happiness of being alive
  33. The feeling of taking warm, clean dishes out of the dishwasher
  34. Feeling completely relaxed after a few yoga exercises.

Do you revel in the small pleasures of everyday life? If so, you might enjoy the film ‘Perfect Days’ by Wim Wenders, which celebrates the poetic moments that transform the mundane into the magical.

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