Craft Beer Guide Vienna 2024: 28 Highlights for Craft Beer Fans

Discover Vienna’s rising craft beer scene with our Craft Beer Guide. From American craft beer creations and Belgian beer specialties to creative cocktails and beer mixers, there’s something for every beer lover. Discover charming cellar pubs, cozy guest gardens and impressive breweries and enjoy the diversity of Vienna’s craft beer world.

Immerse yourself in the colorful world of hop creations and discover hundreds of unique flavors. Learn to brew beer yourself or simply enjoy the handpicked beer specialties in the specialty stores and bars. Whether you are an experienced beer connoisseur or just want to try new flavors, the craft beer scene in Vienna offers something for everyone.
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  1. Beaver Brewing: Beaver Brewing is known for its American craft beer creations and operates two locations in Vienna. Guests can enjoy a varied selection of freshly tapped beers as well as hearty American cuisine. Brewery tours and food pairing sessions are also offered. | Liechtensteinstraße 69, 1090 Vienna |
  2. Bräuhaus 1050: The guys from 1050 create probably the best IPA in the city and were awarded the title of microbrewery of the year in 2022. Their excellent beer is served in the impressive setting of the former Ankerbrotfabrik. In the summer, the cozy garden invites you to enjoy a refreshing beer outdoors. | Ankerbrotfabrik Unit 10.2, Absberggasse 27/3, 1100 Vienna |
  3. Hawidere: Craft beer is the focus at Hawidere. Thirst is quenched with 14 draft beers and an appealing selection of bottled beers. The good burgers are recommended for hunger. | Ullmannstraße 31, 1150 Vienna |
  4. Känguruh Pub: For lovers of rustic pubs and Belgian beers, the Känguruh Pub in Vienna is a must-visit. The extensive menu offers a wide selection of delicious Belgian beers, but visitors who do not prefer Belgian beers will also find something here. | Bürgerspitalgasse 20, 1060 Vienna |
  5. Beer Lovers: In Vienna, there is no way around Beer Lovers when it comes to buying craft beer. In Gumpendorferstraße, you can expect a selection of thousands of beers from all over the world and in various styles. There is even a refrigerated shop area where you can buy chilled beers. At Beer Lovers, every beer lover is guaranteed to find their perfect beer. | Gumpendorfer Str. 35, 1060 Vienna |
  6. Vytopna – Trains & Craftbeer: If you like trains and good craft beer, this is the place for you. At this location right by Naschmarkt, you can order delicious Czech craft beer and have it delivered to your seat by train. Delicious steaks and burgers are also available for your hunger. | Rechte Wienzeile 21/1, 1040 Vienna |
  7. Schnauzer & Beagle: This creative brewery brews in small batches. The excellent Zirben beer is highly recommended. If you’re hungry, you can probably enjoy the best pies in the city here. Don’t miss the legendary Music-Bingo and Taskmaster evenings. | Hasengasse 56, 1100 Vienna |
  8. Beer BrauWorkshop: Have you always wanted to brew your own beer? At the craft beer branch “Brauwerk” of the Ottakringer Brewery, you have the opportunity to participate in a brewing day. Within 8 hours, you can brew your own beer and, of course, participate in a beer tasting. | Ottakringer Pl. 1, 1160 Vienna |
  9. Craftbier Fest: As the ultimate highlight for beer lovers, the Craftbier Fest takes place twice a year in Vienna. National and international brewers come together to present their diverse craft beers. Dive into the colorful world of hop creations and discover hundreds of unique flavors! |
  10. Timo’s Living Room: This place is a must for cocktail and craft beer lovers. Both passions are masterfully combined in creative combinations. | Bürgerspitalgasse 20, 1060 Vienna |
  11. Flanagans Pub: Located in the heart of Vienna, Flanagans Pub is a secret tip for craft beer lovers who like cozy pubs. Here you can expect a small selection of international and local craft beers in an authentic Irish atmosphere (where of course sports broadcasts cannot be missed). | Schwarzenbergstraße 1-3, 1010 Vienna |
  12. Mel’s Diner: Mel’s was one of the first places in Vienna to offer craft beer on a large scale and is known for its good value for money. With over 20 draft beers and an extensive selection of bottles and cans, Mel’s is a paradise for craft beer enthusiasts. The delicious burgers are also highly recommended. | Wipplingerstraße 9, 1010 Vienna |
  13. 1516 Brewing: Located near Schwarzenbergplatz, 1516 is where their own beer is brewed and in the summer, a beautiful beer garden invites you to linger. The Victory Hop Devil IPA is highly recommended. | Schwarzenbergstraße 2, 1010 Vienna |
  14. Ammutsøn Craft Beer Dive: While Ammutsøn may not be the most affordable craft beer bar in Vienna, it impresses with an exquisite selection of handpicked craft beers that are otherwise hard to find. A true insider tip for discerning craft beer connoisseurs! | Barnabitengasse 10, 1060 Vienna |
  15. Wieden Bräu: Wieden Bräu in Vienna’s 4th district is a traditional pub where good craft beer is brewed and hearty home cooking is served. In summer, there is also a beautiful garden in the rear courtyard.. | Waaggasse 5, 1040 Wien |
  16. Restaurant Bierraum: Not far from what is probably Vienna’s most famous brewery is a trendy beer pub where you can enjoy a variety of craft beers on tap as well as culinary delights. | Wattgasse 52, 1170 Wien |
  17. Delirium Pub: The Viennese branch of the legendary Brussels beer palace probably offers the largest selection of Belgian draft beers in the city. A must-visit for fans of Belgian beer and anyone looking to expand their taste horizons. | Passauer Pl. 2, 1010 Vienna |
  18. 7Stern Bräu: 7Stern impresses with great IPA, amazing smoked beer and a scary chili beer – all self-brewed, of course. Delicious Austrian home-style cooking is also served in a cozy brewery atmosphere.| Siebensterngasse 19, 1070 Vienna |
  19. Mama Kraft: In the cellars of Mama Kraft, in the heart of the city, hops and malt are transformed into delicious craft beer. Enjoy freshly brewed beer on site, accompanied by delicious food in a cozy atmosphere. | Himmelpfortgasse 24, 1010 Vienna |
  20. Bierothek: This beer specialty store is an Eldorado for beer enthusiasts who want to explore artisanal beers. The handpicked collection includes exclusive beer specialties, international craft beers, and beer-related products for every taste. | Neubaugasse 72, 1070 Vienna |
  21. Brauhund Bar: At the Vienna Brauhund Bar, everything revolves around high-quality beers. Visitors can expect a selection of 20-25 hand-picked international beers – because the owners only serve what they themselves like. | Schweglerstraße 48, 1150 Vienna |
  22. Brauhof: Brauhof Wien is the second home of Hofbräuhaus Kaltenhausen, the oldest brewery in Salzburg. Craft beer is brewed on site in copper kettles, which you can enjoy inside or in the spacious beer garden. The IPA is particularly recommended. | Mariahilfer Str. 156/158, 1150 Vienna |
  23. Achtundzwanzig Tap Room: This small taproom offers craft beer from the Vienna brewery Brew Age. With 6 rotating draught beers and an extensive selection of bottled beers, there is something for every taste. | Schlösselgasse 28, 1080 Vienna |
  24. Hanf & Hopfen: Everything revolves around craft beer and CBD/CBG products in this specialty shop. Here you can expect a friendly atmosphere, sympathetic staff, and a high feel-good factor. Discover the fine selection of craft beers as well as organic CBD flowers from a small operation in Tyrol. | Kirchengasse 40/1, 1070 Vienna |
  25. Das Gru: In this cozy basement bar you will find over 50 beer varieties from independent breweries, including regional craft beers, Belgian classics, and international beer specialties. Four taps with regularly changing varieties ensure variety. The emblematic animal of the bar is, of course, the dove. | Rögergasse/Stroheckgasse, 1090 Vienna |
  26. Stadtboden: Discover 50 international craft beers in this stylish establishment with dark veneer, mirrors, and a central bar. Let yourself be inspired by 7 draught beers and a diverse selection of craft beers. | Krugerstraße 8, 1010 Vienna |
  27. Stöckl im Park: Directly at the Belvedere you will find one of the most beautiful beer gardens in Vienna. In addition to hearty Austrian cuisine, you can also enjoy delicious, self-brewed beer here. The selection of beer varieties is rather traditional. | Prinz-Eugen-Straße 25, 1030 Vienna |
  28. Visit a supermarket: You don’t necessarily have to go to hip craft beer bars and stores to drink good beer in Vienna. Large supermarkets like Billa Plus or Interspar also have a small selection.

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