Vienna off the beaten track: 21 great experiences in Favoriten

Dive into the vibrant, often underestimated 10th district of Vienna, Favoriten. Here, the heart of the city beats in a way you might not expect. Away from the beaten paths of tourism, Favoriten reveals its diverse culture, lively gastronomy scene and distinctive charm. This district offers something for everyone – whether you’re a local looking to discover new corners of your city, or a visitor seeking to experience authentic Vienna. You’ll find everything here, from hidden gems to popular spots. So, what are you waiting for? Discover Favoriten!

  1. Eat great pizza at Piazza Colombo
    Escape to Italy for a few hours by visiting Piazza Colombo, home to probably the best pizza in Vienna. Enjoy both classic and unique variations, including fried pizza. In summer, enjoy the nice weather in the large outdoor dining area right on Columbus Square. | Piazza Colombo, Columbuspl. 5, 1100 Vienna |
  2. Drink cocktails at Mabel‘s No90
    Mabel’s is a go-to spot for great cocktails at reasonable prices. The cocktail menu is extensive, the drinks are perfect, and there are always special specials and theme events. The dark, rustic pub interior is a great place to spend a cozy evening. | MABEL’S No90, Laxenburger Str. 90, 1100 Vienna |
  3. Enjoy great craft beer in the old Ankerbrot factory
    In the industrial atmosphere of the historic machine hall of the former Ankerbrot factory, the city’s best craft beer is brewed. From Wednesday to Friday evenings, you can enjoy great characterful beers here. In summer, a cozy beer garden invites you for pleasant beer evenings. | Brewery Ten.Fifty, Ankerbrot factory Unit 10.2, Absberggasse 27/3 |
  4. Visit Böhmischer Prater
    The Bohemian Prater is the little brother of the famous Vienna Wurstelprater. Instead of thrilling rides, you’ll find cozy beer gardens, one of the most rustic mini golf courses in Vienna, and rides enjoying their retirement. A great excursion for the whole family. | Laaer Wald 216 | bö
  5. Enjoy a summer day at Laaerbergbad
    Lovers of outdoor swimming will get their money’s worth at the Laaerbergbad. On the spacious grounds with a wonderful view of the south of Vienna, you’ll find everything you need for a great summer day. There’s a large multipurpose pool, a wave pool, various sports fields, and good dining options. If you want to swim in peace, you should visit the bath in the early morning hours or an hour before closing. | 10., Ludwig-von-Höhnel-Gasse 2 |
  6. Relax in the thermal baths
    If you want to switch off for a day and gain strength, you should get off at the last station of the U1 line at the Therme Wien. It’s Europe’s most modern city spa and offers everything you need to relax and unwind. | Therme Wien, Kurbadstraße 14 |
  7. Breakfast at Kent
    For lovers of Turkish cuisine, the vast and especially delicious breakfast buffet at Kent is a must-try over the weekend. The restaurant’s location, the “Domenig House,” is one of the most prominent buildings in the 10th district and is unique both inside and out. | Favoritenstraße 118, 1100 Vienna |
  8. Enjoy ice cream at Tichy
    The Tichy ice cream parlour is undoubtedly a Viennese institution when it comes to ice cream (and the legendary Eismarillenknödel). In the summer, the queue sometimes extends into the park. Those who don’t want to queue can also enjoy the ice cream creations inside the two parlours. | Reumannpl. 13, 1100 Vienna |
  9. Stroll through Kurpark
    The expansive area near Therme Wien is an ideal place to stretch your legs and go on an exploration journey at any time of the year. There’s a petting zoo, playgrounds, and various dining establishments. | Laaer-Berg-Straße, 1100 Vienna |
  10. Experience the last market criers of Vienna
    Those who want to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables from the region at reasonable prices should definitely drop by Leibnizgasse from Monday to Friday in the morning. Here, you can still experience the real hustle and bustle of the market with the last true market criers of Vienna. | Leibnizgasse 5, 1100 Vienna
  11. Drink a coffee in Helmut-Zilk-Park
    As soon as it gets a bit warmer, you can enjoy the first rays of the sun, a good coffee, and a broad view over the Sonnwendviertel on the terrace of the park café. | Helmut-Zilk-Park, Parkpavillon 1, 1100 Vienna |
  12. Music bingo & beer
    If you love music and beer, you should definitely stop by the Schnauzer & Beagle microbrewery. In addition to a wide selection of craft beers, they host the legendary music bingo every Thursday. This is complemented by super friendly hosts and probably the best pies in town. | Hasengasse 56, 1100 Vienna |
  13. Swimming in Art Deco Ambience
    The most beautiful indoor swimming pool in Vienna is located directly at Reumannplatz. Amalienbad offers a large multipurpose pool and various saunas. For early birds, the pool opens at 6:45 am on several weekdays. | Reumannpl. 23, 1100 Vienna |
  14. Bouldering in Sonnwendviertel
    In Sonnwendviertel, there is a little paradise for all plastic alpinists. At the Boulderbar, you can indulge yourself on 1,300 m³ of climbing area. And if you’re not sure how to master the routes, you also have the option to take one of the numerous climbing courses. | Maria-Lassnig-Straße 18/Door 2, 1100 Vienna |
  15. Enjoy the View of Vienna from Löwygrube
    In Löwygrube, where bricks were once produced, there is now a 164,000 m² recreational area with a magnificent panoramic view of Vienna.
  16. Celebrate Football at Generali-Arena
    You can experience Viennese football up close at Generali-Arena, where one of the two major clubs of the capital, FK Austria, plays. If you’re convinced by the skills of the Violet team, you can also stock up on merchandise directly at the fan shop. | Horrpl. 1, 1100 Vienna
  17. Enjoy the Wine Taverns at the Southern Outskirts of the City
    You love wine taverns but not the tourist crowds? Then we have an insider tip for you: Oberlaa. Just take the subway and you’ll end up in southern Vienna, where you’ll find rustic wine taverns serving delicious Austrian cuisine at fair prices. That’s Vienna as it loves and lives.
  18. Savoring Snails in Vienna
    Snails are not only a delicacy in France but also in Vienna. At Gugumuck on the outskirts of the city, you can taste this specialty from spring to autumn or participate in an exciting tour. | Rosiwalgasse 44, 1100 Vienna |
  19. Learn How Vinegar is Made
    If you’ve always wanted to know how vinegar is made by hand, you should definitely take a tour of the Gegenbauer vinegar brewery. Tickets for the tours are available in the online shop. | Waldgasse 3, 1100 Vienna |
  20. Shop Exotically at One of the Best Asian Supermarkets
    3 Brothers is one of the best Asian stores in Vienna and, as the name suggests, is run by three Vietnamese brothers. Here, you can find everything from Korean seaweed to fresh banana leaves and oyster mushrooms. An absolute must-visit for all lovers of Asian cuisine. | Favoritenstraße 178, 1100 Vienna |
  21. Take a Detour to Antonskirche
    Antonskirche in Vienna remains an undiscovered gem for many, despite its remarkable and unique architecture. Every Sunday, this masterpiece transforms into the vibrant focal point of the African community, where they celebrate their worship services. | Antonspl. 21, 1100 Vienna |

Cover photo: Schwimmschule Steiner, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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