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Great Wingspan Expansions & Accessories (Board Game)

Are you a big fan of the board game “Wingspan” or do you know someone who is fascinated by this game? Here you will find a list of great accessories, expansions and other links we found to add to the fun of the game. With this list you can find a gift for a winged fan or give yourself a treat. The links will take you directly to stores where you can easily order online.

Official Wingspan Expansions

  1. Wingspan Expansion: Europe
    This Wingspan expansion set enhances the existing game with 81 new European birds. Additionally, there are a few new bonus cards and round goal tiles.
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  2. Wingspan Expansion: Asia
    This Wingspan expansion takes you to Asia. It features 90 new bird cards, 14 bonus cards, and 6 goal tiles to expand the base game. This set also includes a standalone game that can be played alone or with two players, and a flock mode that allows the base game to be played with 6 or 7 players.
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  3. Wingspan Expansion: Oceania (In our opinion, the best expansion)
    The Oceania set brings an entirely new dynamic to the Wingspan game. The highlights include a new type of food and an alternative game board. As usual, the expansion set also includes new goal tiles, bonus cards, and nearly 100 new bird cards.
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Accessories for the Wingspan Board Game

  1. Wingspan Insert
    The Wingspan game box can quickly become crowded with an expansion. This great insert organizes all the Wingspan game materials so that the game, including the Oceania and Europe expansions, fits into the original game box. The included birdhouse is also much more stable than the original cardboard birdhouse.
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  2. Alternative Wingspan Food Markers
    If you’re not a fan of the original food markers, you’ll certainly enjoy these beautiful alternatives.
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  3. Wingspan Card Holder
    If you don’t want to show your cards to other Wingspan players, these great card holders are a good addition. They also come with small dishes for collecting food.
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  4. Wingspan Replacement Dice Tower
    For passionate Wingspan players, the included dice tower will eventually fall apart. Here at Etsy, you can find a beautiful alternative.
  5. Wingspan Scoreboard
    Tired of buying new Wingspan notepads? Then this scoreboard is just right for you. You can write the scores on the board with an erasable marker and wipe them away at the end of the game.
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Wingspan in the Digital World

  1. Wingspan PC Game
    If you find yourself without other players, this fantastic PC game offers a solution. You can play Wingspan alone against the computer or compete online with opponents. The Europe expansion is also available for the PC game.
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  2. Board Game Arena
    If you’re a fan of not just Wingspan but also other board games, you should check out Board Game Arena. In this online board game community, you can play over the internet against international opponents of varying skill levels, participate in tournaments, or join the Wingspan League. To play Wingspan, you can subscribe to a cost-effective premium membership.
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