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40+ great Ideas for Last-Minute Gifts

Pressed for time and looking for the ideal last-minute gift? No need to panic! We offer a carefully compiled selection of creative and thoughtful gift ideas that can be implemented immediately. Whether for birthdays, holidays or simply as a small gift – our suggestions are suitable for every occasion and every recipient. And best of all, these gift ideas require almost no time and no open shop.

Last-Minute Gifts – All-Rounders

  • Amazon Gift Card: An Amazon gift card is the perfect choice for the undecided, as it gives the recipient the freedom to choose from a vast range of products, whatever they like the most. Order printable gift card *
  • Etsy Gift Card: For fans of handmade or vintage items, an Etsy gift card is the ideal gift as it provides access to unique and personal creations from artists all around the world. Order gift card on Etsy *

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Experiences

  • Casino Vouchers: Perfect for thrill-seekers in your life, a casino voucher allows for an exciting evening full of games and entertainment.
  • Experience Vouchers: These vouchers offer a wide range of activities, from skydiving to cooking classes, and are ideal for people who enjoy trying new things. Worldwide Providers include giftingowl or tinggly.
  • Event Tickets: Whether it’s concerts, sports events, or theater performances, event tickets always offer an unforgettable time. You can find a wide selection at major providers like ticketmaster.
  • Sixt Gift Vouchers: Ideal for travelers or business travelers, a Sixt gift voucher offers the flexibility to rent a car of choice for a limited period. You can learn more about the vouchers here.
  • Museum Voucher: For art and culture lovers, a museum voucher is a ticket to a world of inspiration and learning. Many museums offer tickets or (annual) vouchers online.
  • Guide Voucher: Whether it’s for a city tour or an outdoor activity, a guide voucher offers a personal and informative experience that will be remembered for a long time. You can find the right last-minute vouchers at getyourguide.

Last-Minute Gifts for Beauty Enthusiasts

  • Clothing Vouchers: A clothing voucher is ideal for fashion lovers and allows your recipient to choose something to suit their taste. Many major retailers offer vouchers online.
  • Spa Voucher: A spa voucher is the perfect gift if you want to give someone a little relaxation.
  • Swarovski Gift Voucher: Swarovski jewelry is elegant, timeless, and available in all price ranges. Swarovski also offers a huge selection, making it easy to find something suitable. You can purchase the vouchers in the official shop here.

Last-Minute Gifts for Foodies

  • Zotter Voucher: A chocolate lover’s dream. Zotter is a unique Austrian chocolate maker. With a Zotter gift voucher, the recipient can choose from a huge selection of fantastic, creative organic and fair trade chocolates. Whether it’s classic flavours, wild varieties like “Cheese & Mango” or exquisite pralines, there’s something for everyone. For last-minute gift ideas, visit the official online shop.
  • Wine Voucher or Wine Subscription: Ideal for wine enthusiasts who appreciate a good bottle.
  • Avocado Sponsorship: Give a sponsorship for an avocado tree. The recipient will receive a photo, a certificate, and fresh avocados once they are ripe for harvest. A sponsorship also supports small farmers and sustainable agriculture. You can acquire such sponsorship at Crowdfarming.
  • MyMuesli Voucher: No more boring cereal mixes from the supermarket. With a voucher from the German brand MyMuesli, the recipient can create their own custom muesli online from various ingredients. This will make any breakfast enthusiast happy. You can find gift vouchers here.
  • Beer Subscription: Beer enthusiasts will appreciate this gift. With a beer subscription, recipients receive new beers to try every month, allowing them to explore the diversity of the beer world. You can subscribe to such a service at beyondbeer, for example.
  • Spice/Recipe Subscription: For passionate cooks and culinary explorers, a spice or recipe subscription offers monthly inspiration and exotic flavor experiences. One great provider for this is the spicery.
  • Olive Tree Sponsorship: With an olive tree sponsorship, you can make olive oil enthusiasts who value knowing where it comes from happy. You can enter into a gift sponsorship at
  • Steak Subscription: A dream gift for meat lovers, a steak subscription delivers high-quality steaks to the doorstep every month, taking them on a new meaty journey each time., for example, offers such a subscription.
  • Cooking Box Subscription: An excellent last-minute gift for novice cooks. A cooking box subscription delivers all the ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes for delicious homemade meals directly to the home every week. Hellofresh is probably the most well-known provider of such cooking box subscriptions.
  • Voucher for a Cooking or Baking Class: For hobby chefs or bakers, a voucher for a specialized class is a great idea to learn new skills or deepen existing ones.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Gamers

  • Steam Voucher: Ideal for PC gamers, a Steam voucher provides access to an extensive library of games, software, and even movies. You can purchase digital last-minute gift cards directly from Steam in their online shop.
  • GeforceNow Voucher: Perfect for gamers who want to enjoy their favorite games on less powerful devices. A GeforceNow voucher enables high-quality cloud gaming. You can find vouchers here.
  • Xbox Subscription: A must-have for every Xbox owner, the subscription not only provides online multiplayer but also monthly free games and discounts in the Xbox Store. You can find digital credit cards that can be redeemed for this purpose in many online shops.

Last-Minute Gifts for Tech Enthusiasts

  • Apple Voucher: An Apple voucher is the perfect gift for Apple enthusiasts, as it provides the opportunity to choose from a wide range of premium products and services, from iPhones to music and app subscriptions. You can purchase and customize gift vouchers in the Apple Online Store.

Last-Minute Gifts for Sports Enthusiasts

  • Sport Shop Voucher: A voucher from a specialized sports equipment store is always a good idea. This allows the recipient to decide whether they want new running shoes, fitness clothing, or sports accessories.
  • Fitness Studio Membership: A temporary membership for a fitness studio or a specific sports facility like a climbing center can be an excellent gift.
  • Online Yoga Course: Ideal for those who want to stay fit at home. The advantage is that the course can be started immediately, making it a true last-minute gift. yogaworks offers a suitable option.

Last-Minute Gifts for Movie Fans

  • Cinema Vouchers & Tickets: For those who appreciate the big, classic screen experience, cinema vouchers or tickets are the perfect last-minute gift. Great gifts also include tickets for special events at cinemas.
  • Netflix Voucher: A Netflix voucher gives the recipient access to a vast library of movies, TV series, and documentaries, making it the ideal gift for binge-watchers and movie fans. You can conveniently order Netflix vouchers in many onlineshops.

Last-Minute Gifts for Travel Enthusiasts

  • Hotel Voucher: Many hotels offer vouchers for one or more nights, some even online. Moreover, there are providers of hotel vouchers where the recipient can choose a hotel from their portfolio using a voucher code. Hotelgift has a great offer for last-minute gifts.
  • Train Ticket or Voucher: Ideal for travel enthusiasts and adventurers! A train ticket or voucher is quickly purchased online and can be a great experience.

Romantic Last-Minute Gifts

  • Dinner Invitation: Perfect for quality time together. A shared dinner offers you and the recipient the opportunity to be together in a relaxed atmosphere. If you don’t know where the invitation should go, make it a surprise.
  • Gift Voucher for an Adult Store: A voucher for an adult store is the ideal last-minute gift for your partner if you’re looking for something exciting to spice up your sex life. You can find erotic gift vouchers at places like lovehoney and pinkcherry.
  • Surprise Weekend Getaway Invitation: Surprise with a spontaneous weekend trip or even a whole weekend. Since it should be a surprise, you can easily plan the weekend without time pressure after the gift presentation (e.g., a self-made voucher). An ideal last-minute gift that fits any occasion and budget.

Gifts for Bookworms

  • Gift One of Your Favorite Books: A personal and meaningful gesture. Choose a book from your collection that is dear to you and share it with someone you appreciate. Don’t forget to add a small dedication to make it even more personal.

Doing Good

  • KIVA Voucher: If you want to make someone happy and do something good, KIVA vouchers are the perfect choice. With KIVA, the recipient can provide a microloan. The selection is vast, ranging from supporting small entrepreneurs in crisis areas to funding education for people in developing countries. And the best part is that when a microloan is successfully repaid, the recipient can continue to provide new microloans, gradually making the world a better place. Here is the link to KIVA.

For a Small Budget

  • Homemade Vouchers: Whether it’s a voucher for a massage, doing household chores, or a picnic together, homemade vouchers are personal and show that you’ve put thought into the gift. Just take a piece of paper, write down the idea, maybe decorate it a bit, and you have a thoughtful gift.
  • Handwritten Letter: In the age of emails and messaging apps, a handwritten letter has a special value. Take a moment to put your thoughts or shared memories on paper. This can be a very touching and personal gift that only requires paper and a little time.

For Kids

  • Bluebrixx or Lego Voucher: For fans of building blocks and model building, a Bluebrixx or Lego voucher is a real treat. With such a voucher, the recipient can choose from a variety of sets, ranging from architectural models to historical vehicles. A paradise for anyone who enjoys tinkering and building. You can purchase vouchers in the Bluebrixx Store (EU only) or LEGO.
  • Crafting Subscription: A crafting subscription is the perfect gift for creative minds and DIY enthusiasts. Each month, a box containing all the necessary materials and instructions for a new crafting project is delivered to their doorstep. This ensures fresh inspiration and creative hours every month. adultsandcrafts offers a great subscription for children.


  • Creative Money Gift: Money gifts often have a reputation for being impersonal, but they are also extremely practical and always welcome. To add a personal touch, you can creatively package the money. Fold the bills into small figures or hide them in a small puzzle or mystery box. This turns the unwrapping into an experience and shows that you’ve put in effort.

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