These 11 great AI tools, you should try in 2023

The year 2023 marks a turning point in the world of artificial intelligence, as great AI tools make the technology easily accessible to everyone. In this article, we’ll introduce you to great AI tools from a variety of topics that will impress you with the potential of the technology. Whether you want to improve your writing, generate music or create a piece of digital art. There’s something for everyone in our list.

  1. ChatGPT | ChatGPT is an AI-supported conversational tool capable of responding to a wide range of queries and topics. The AI tool can assist with numerous tasks, from writing texts and translations to programming and data analysis. |
  2. | Perplexity combines the features of a chatbot with those of a search engine and is based on ChatGPT technology. Unlike ChatGPT, the application searches the internet in real-time and substantiates its answers with related source citations. |
  3. Deepl Write | DeepL Write is an AI-based writing tool that helps users optimize their written communication in English and German. The tool generates context-specific suggestions for phrasing, tone, style, and word choice, and can even rephrase entire sentences. |
  4. Midjourney | Midjourney is an AI tool that creates images based on your descriptions. You simply tell the Discord bot what you have in mind, and it transforms your ideas into graphics you can use for various purposes.

    AI-Tool Midjourney
    This image was generated using artificial intelligence by the AI tool Midjourney.
  5. Deepl Translate | DeepL Translate is an AI-driven translation tool that provides quick, accurate, and genuinely good text translations. In its paid version, it can instantly translate entire document files, including PDFs, Word files, and PowerPoint presentations, while maintaining original formatting, images, and fonts.
  6. | A search engine for scientific publications that searches for publications on a specific question and checks whether and what kind of scientific consensus exists. |
  7. | This AI tool helps create or improve existing English texts on any subject. |
  8. | This AI tool can convert text into spoken language. The tool offers a wide range of voices and languages. There is also the option to output texts in different styles (e.g., narrative style, promotional style) and even add background music. |
  9. github copilot | This AI programming tool assists developers in writing code more quickly and efficiently. It provides auto-complete suggestions based on the context of comments and existing code, and can even suggest entire functions. |
  10. | This AI-based tool creates music based on specific parameters such as genre, mood, length, instrumentation, and tempo. The generated music pieces are ideal for video background.
  11. | This image-generating AI allows artworks to be created based on text instructions in various styles. The platform is enhanced by a very active community. (The cover image of this article was also generated using the tool from nightcafe)

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